A Journey of Body and Soul

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Was the Prophet's Ascension and the Night Journey in body and soul?

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Journey for Body and Soul: The St. Jacques de Compostelle Pilgrimage Trail

Remember Me. Log in. There are artists, like the opera singer from Germany who was searching for his voice, young professionals feeling that their work is missing a sense of purpose and value, people with depression or cancer and other illnesses who pursue le chemin to lead them out of their emotional pain and build strength and hope.

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From time to time we run into a gaggle of boy scouts or girl scouts or a group of friends gathering after years of distance and different destinies. There was a priest on a bicycle, a young man with an ailing horse and a family that had build a cart that looked like chariot to transport their child whose disabilities made walking impossible.

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The road is a tapestry of souls. Encounters are enlivened and deepened by the state of mind that prompts people to undertake a journey of discovery.

Edgar Cayce on Destiny of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Some stories from le chemin will be with you forever. We know a businesswoman from Canada who left her corporate job to walk the pilgrimage trail and never returned, having met her future husband on the journey and then settled into a village in France.

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We met an impoverished young man lost in his life who set off with hardly a euro but knew he would find shelter because on le chemin no one goes without lodging or food. There was a woman who had been told her cancer was no longer treatable who wanted to take the pilgrimage while she could still feel its beauty and power. There is a family we met and still correspond with whose children had come of age and were on the Compostelle trail together as their rite of passage. The path itself is a varied as you can imagine.

On foot you mostly can avoid roads, even two lane country roads, but not always. There are sections across steep hills, Roman paths, shaded woods, and open country fields that meander down France to the Pyrenees where you cross into Spain. Some stretches are glorious and some just have to be walked.

Heat and rain are not uncommon partners on your walk and hats, raingear, SPF 50, and multiple water bottles are your friends. Don't start the trip with new boots since you may not get very far. If you know how to knead your tendons and muscles after a long day your chances of not developing shin-splints, really tendonitis, are vastly improved. Just like the pilgrims of old, this walk is not a stroll, it is meant to push you body and soul.

A Journey of Body and Soul

The nights are special. Not only can you be rid of carrying weight on your shoulders and slip into sandals that don't rub your blisters but you take your meals with others who like you are recovering from the day - and their lives. Your hosts are as much a part of the theater of the journey as your fellow pilgrims. There was Henri who prepared a meal of aligot, a mixture of cheese, potatoes and heavily seasoned with garlic served with homemade sausage, whose artistry of preparation embellished our already ravenous appetite.

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And there was Esther who supplied the food a group of 10 of us would cook while staying in her guesthouse; she was having such a good time that she kept coming back -- bringing her accordion, singing and dragging her adolescent son along for the occasion.

A Journey of Body and Soul A Journey of Body and Soul
A Journey of Body and Soul A Journey of Body and Soul
A Journey of Body and Soul A Journey of Body and Soul
A Journey of Body and Soul A Journey of Body and Soul
A Journey of Body and Soul A Journey of Body and Soul

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